Upon the initial search for the right uncompressed NLE for OneRiver Media back in 2001, tests were conducted to find which product had the highest quality encoding for video playback quality. Now in its version 5 release, the OneRiver Media Codec Resource Site has really grown in the last few years and has become a valuable resource for both editors and NLE developers alike. Please note this is an unbiased test with no endorsements from any company. We are not "codec experts" or engineers but merely sharing results with others. This is purely for research and comparison.

Please also note that these are RGB to YUV render tests and NOT a native YUV render test. In most cases, uncompressed 4:2:2 systems in an edit situation dealing with native YUV color space will all fair equally well. These tests are to show RGB to YUV rendering, which is critical in situations dealing with clips rendered from RGB applications like Adobe After Effects, Discreet Combustion, etc., which are then imported into YUV-based apps like Final Cut Pro. This also applies to importing still images into NLEs as well as using RGB-based plugins in YUV-based NLEs. RGB color-space is everwhere, including your YUV applications!

Latest News
07.28.04 - HD has been added! DVCPRO HD in both 1080i and 720p flavors are in the 4:2:2 Compressed section. Apple's 8-bit and 10-bit uncompressed codecs are also tested in 1080i and 720p. Aurora's Pipe Extreme codecs are also updated. Last but not least Pixlet is tested in the 4:X:X section ranging from SD to 1080i HD and in varying quality resolutions! As always, don't forget to check out the OneRiver Media V2 main website!

"Quality is cool, but don't forget... CONTENT IS KING!"

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